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913F 4-wood

Jim H

Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 913F 4-wood (17* head) but with a 43-inch (not 42.5) shaft. I'm looking to get the Diamana D+ White 72, stiff flex. I have a couple of questions regarding this.

1.) Without mentioning, would Titleist simply put a 3-wood shaft (tipped like a 3-wood, many times half inch) on it or would they tip it like a 5 wood (many times a full inch) and just make it half an inch longer? Any suggestions? I'm thinking about taking it tipped like a 3 wood.

2.) What would the swingweight be in the above configuration (17* head, Diamana D+ 72 stiff, 43-inches) with the standard red weight?


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  1. Cameron D


    You can certainly ask for that length tipped like a 3 metal in that 17* head.  Just specify this when you place your order and that is how we will build it.  We will be able to get D2, again, just make sure you specify the swing weight you are looking to achieve.



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