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913D3 Custom Shaft Questions

Chris C

I was fit into a Fuji Motore Speeder 7.1 VC S yesterday but don't see it in the Custom Guide for 2013.  Is it still an option?  Wheich leads to my second question.  I got optimal spin/launch number with the loft cranked down to 6.75*.

Should I be looking at something different?  Possibly the Speeder 7.2 or 7.2 Tour Spec or for that matter the OBAN Kiyoshi Black?  The three I just metioned ARE the lowest spinning/launching shafts, correct?

I really liked the Speeder 7.1 but just can't justify have the one option of 6.75* loft.  I would rather have a lower launching/spinning shaft with a higher loft.

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  1. DeWaal B

    Waiting to see what is said here for you...In the same boat. Have a 5degree driver(2nd driver) that I can pound a 1/4 mile but when looking for the accuracy on a 75% swing the lower loft really messes with your ball flight. This was off a cast head not a titanium head with more spring effect.

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