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913 Fairway Adapter


I have a Fujikura Speeder VC 7.1 fairway shaft with a 910 tip on it. I want to get a 913 tip on it. How do i go about geting an adapter for it. Also, how much would this cost. Thanks.

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  1. Chris S


    You will need to have your local Titleist retailer send that shaft into Titleist for the switch. They will not send out adapters. No idea how much they will charge, I doubt it would be alot.

     Chris S

  2. 19hole

    Your Titleist Authorized Retailler can send you 910F shaft back to the Titleist Custom shop and they can refit a 913F SureFit Tour tip to it. The cost to do this will be determined my your individual dealer.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We are offering a retipping service for those players that have 910 fairway and hybrid shafts that were built by us and would like to play them in their 913 fairways and hybrids.  The MSRP for retipping it to a 913 adapter will be $45.00.  We will not return the 910 adaptor as it will be damaged when removing.  Any pro shop or retailer can set that up for you. 

    Please note, the shaft adapter must be original to the shaft - in other words, the shaft  has to match the adapter and had to be built by us to use this service.  We will not retip raw shafts or shafts from other models.

  4. PureShot6

    I got the shaft done at the ClubFix in Orlando, FL while on vacation. It doesn't have the titleist sticker by the grip. So that makes it ineligible for the $45 service 

  5. jeff l

    i just had my local pro shop do it they changed my 910F shaft to my 913F

  6. PureShot6

    Golfsmith said they cant do it bc they dont have the tips 

  7. jeff l

    you switch the tips on the shafts the only thing you need to add is the ferrule cause its going to melt when you take it off

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