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Diamana™ D+ 62 X flex for 913 D2


I was recently fit for a 913 D2. Went with a 10.5 loft (low launcher). Based on my swing speed (around 110) and ball speed (around 160) and other numbers,  my fitter recommended the Diamana D+ 62 in an X flex. I have a lot of lag and load in my swing as well.

Can anyone give me an evaluation for how this shaft will work with the club head I went with?


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  1. pauldrue

    Forgot the mention that I didn't hit this shaft in my fitting. I hit a Diamana D+ 72 S flex.  My spin was in the mid 3000's.


  2. James G

    Hi Paul Drue,

    This is my first reply and message on TT! I wanted to comment on this shaft. I just got my 913 D3 8.5 * with this shaft, at 45 3/4" and swing weight D5 and it rocks! I was hitting 107 mph swing speed, with a 10-11 launch angle and no more than 2100 Rpms! When I hit this bad boy on the upswing it flies 270-280 and rolls forever. Launch monitor statistics are awesome. Feels great and when I dont hit up on it (which happens) it still pops, just not the full bomb but pretty good. I also didnt hit this shaft in my fitting but ordered it instead of the 72g, but the extra 3/4" gives it the D5.

    Hope this helps!!

    James :)

  3. pauldrue

    Hey James...this does help. Appreciate the feedback. I just got the club over the weekend. Took it to the range for a session. I concur. It's flies. The first real range session of the year, so my swing wasn't up to snuff. But I can see how this shaft works well for my swing and head combo. It's a winner with the 913.  It'll be a bomber for sure. 


  4. Keith M

    I'm pretty similar to you.  I went through the fitting for a 913D2 with the Diamana blue 62 because of similar characteristics.  I'm also a lower launcher, and I have the 10.5*.  My swing speed is a bit slower, around 103, with the S flex. 

    I haven't been able to hit the driver a lot since Christmas when I got it, but I did try other shafts and the performance was there in testing.  Once I got it to the range, I couldn't believe the difference.  I've never been a good driver of the ball, but now I have confidence and am hitting the ball better than I ever have.  I put it down to being properly fit and help with choosing the right shaft.  It's a winner.

    On a side note, I was so impressed with the D2 and Diamana blue, once the 913Fd came out I went on launch day and picked up that as well.  Same results--absolutely phenomenal.  I couldn't be happier with it.

  5. James G

    I had noticed that there wasn't many reviews or people talking about the 62g shafts. Likely because the stock shaft in the 72 is used most I am guessing since the standard length in 45".

    I was hoping to get some information, but I am at least now able to give feedback for any people looking into these shafts. Hopefully more people will try this shaft and report on it.

    The 62g D+ white really transfers the energy to the ball. Without trying to kill it and decent swing speed the ball speed with this shaft/driver combo is awesome.  I have tried it with the 4g and 9g weight in the head to see if it matters and i found it felt good heavier or lighter so matter of preference.

    So if anyone is thinking about the 62 diamana D+ shaft go for it! you can always order with a different sure fit weight. But the feel and combo gives a great option for fitting to your game.

  6. pauldrue

    Your point about energy transfer to the ball without trying to kill it is spot on. It did take a bit to get used to the shaft...coming from a Project X. But once I got in a few range sessions, I am dialing it in nicely.  The 62 D+ works well in Titleist 913. It brings back the fun in driving.

    I even noticed in the X flex, that I am not loosing it  too much to a slice, when I miss. It has cut the spin down immensely. That is a confidence booster.

    All thumbs up for the shaft!

  7. James G

    Funny I am noticing all the same things. Which is great to know its consistent! I tend to hit draws, but when i miss it a bit late,or hit a bit of a block, it actually goes out awesome and loses no distance, and is a VERY safe, good miss! That allows me to try to load up and swing away and not worry about losing it to either side.

    Thanks Paul for sharing and starting this thread. Super helpful and confidence building!

  8. James T

    I am really surprised that he put you in this combination with those spin rates. Mid 3000s is really high for your SS and that 10.5 is a contributor to that spin. I would have thought that he would have went with more of a low-kick shaft to get the ball in the air and a lower loft to get that spin rate down to between 1900 and 2600 which is a good range for your SS.

  9. Jonathan T

    I actually have a question about the Diamana Shafts.  I just got fitted for a shaft in my new 913.  I ended up with the Diamana 72 whiteboard.  They said the shafts that come with the new 913 are the real diamana is this true?  The shaft felt a lot different then prevues stock shafts.  I went from a Motre F1 60 gram. 

  10. James G

    I totally understand why you would think that for him. Sometimes people have a swing that behaves  a little different than the "optimun" can give.  Also using "any old ball" at the fitting centre can also add to the spin. Wasn't mentioned if used a Prov1 x or not.

    I always had a high spin issue, and previous png and Titleist fittings wanted me in low launch low spin shaft same as they did for PaulDrue here. But they wanted to add loft for "launch angle conditions".

    Practically and on the course I found that by getting a lower loft head with the reccommended shaft, against what was fit for I could get spin down and launch right by teeing up and hitting up. a good trained eye cna ick up why a swing may not be transferring all ebergy to the ball. I was lucky enough latest go around my Titleist fitter found I often hit up rather than through. Not just the #s.

    I believe though that using the combo they did they wanted to optimize his carry best as possible because without that the spin wont help if couldnt get ball out there.

    My suggestions are as follows, in keeping with what James T wrote as I think he has picked up on those numbers brilliantly, that with the driver combo you have now received and in your bag, to lower the spin you use a PRO V1 X, and dial your 10.5 deg down to lowest launch angle and I would bet that spin rate comes down to 2600 RPMs :)

    As you said before Paul, we noticed similar things. Have you tried changing the setting lower and teeing it up a bit just to see if any difference?? Doing so may even pop your numbers even more!

    Cheers :)

  11. Jeff L



    I was also recommended the 62 D+ by my fitter. My swing speed is about 105+ and I was coming from a Project X 7C3, 910 D3 8.5. My fitter put me back into the 913 D3 8.5 with the 62 D+ shaft to bring down my spin a bit. He noticed in my original ball flight, the ball would sometimes float a little. Now I have a better boring ball trajectory with carries consistently over 260+

  12. pauldrue

    James T....thanks for the feedback. Just curious, what shaft would offer a low kick, also be low torque, tip stiff, and in the 60-70 gram range? That would peak my curiosity. 

  13. pauldrue

    James G....good insights. Thanks for sharing. I have the new 2013 Pro V1 and V1 X balls to try. Since it's early in my season (New England golf courses are just opening), I plan to see which balls works best. 

    My fitter also saw that my attack angle was less than ideal. Once I get that tweaked out a bit more and get the swing more fine tuned, I think the spin will come down. I had noticed that a higher tee'd up ball works better too. I plan to go that way.

    I'll experiment on the range in the early season with loft settings.  

    I am appreciative of all the feedback. Learning a great deal.

  14. pauldrue

    Jeff L...thanks for the comment. I too came from the Project X shaft.  I imagine the 62 D+ feels just as stable as the Project X?

  15. James T

    The closest thing that they have in stock shafts is the Blueboard but it is a mid-kick shaft. 

    If he was trying to get you more carry you might have a good set up but you probably will see almost no rollout because of the high spin rate that you are producing.i

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