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913 D3 Diamana D+ White 72 Shaft Swing Wieght Change

Robert H

I purchased this club and the length came to 44 3/4".  i was fit at a local golf shop.

the current swing weight is D0 and i have the red colored weight.

i am about to put a Matrix Ozik 6X3 White Tie Strong Flex, 68 grams, as a shaft upgrade.  i am having the shaft installed at 45" and would like to get the swing weight to D2-D3.  what weight accessory can i buy to accomplish this?



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  1. Buckets Porter

    When dealing with swing weight, you need to take into account the weight of all components. The grip, the shaft weight and length, and the head weight. Changing any of these will change the swing weight. Check the weight of the current shaft. If it's different from the new shaft, you will need to make adjustments elsewhere. If you are changing weight and length, you'll need to weigh all components of new set up and make adjustments to grip weight, head weight or both.

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