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How does shaft length effect club weight (putters)?

Dan W


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I had a 36" putter which I had an extension put in (either .5 or 1", dont remember). That club was stolen from me and ever since then I've made due with 35" putters and just fit myself to the club. I recently remembered my old putter and have asked around the retail shops about buying a 35" putter and then extending it to 36.5 or 37". I've been told by some that lengthening the shaft will make the putter head feel lighter while others have told me it will feel heavier. Which is true?

I suppose I could try cutting down a belly putter but have no idea what that would be like. I'd be very grateful for any insights you'd care to share with me. Thanks.

Dan W


For the curious, I'm 6'3' with a long torso, legs a little longer than my arms. I got the original idea from watching Ray Floyd. While I was NEVER as upright as he was but I always felt I was fitting myself to a 35' putter instead of the club fitting me.

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  1. Buckets Porter

    Adding length will make the head feel heavier. It will change the putter's swing weight, make it increase.

  2. Quintin H

    Belly putters are heavier than standard putters, long putters are heavier than belly putters.

    For a putter the longer the shaft the heavier the head needs to be for you to maintain control of the head.

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