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Loft Selction

Chris B

Bend my 6i to 33 degrees

Normally - 6i, 712 MB 30-31* lie 61.5*  x100 std length  - can hit anywhere from 180 to 205 LA 12-15 yds 87-95 mph , 5000-5600 spin rate

Trial was Titleist MB 712 bend to 33* loft 61.5* lie- x100 std length shaft.

  • When I first bent it, the SPIN was ridculous, 8000 rpm's, worked it down to 7000, 6300, etc  LA was 20-21
  • Played with the ball position a bit worked on really compressing the ball, LA 15-20, spin dropped to anywhere from 2300, 3400 ave, some in the 5000 range, my spin rate was a non consistent.   One thing that was better on the shots with the increased loft, Max height I actually reduced, usually im about a 48yd height, the higher loft actually made the max height around 37-40 yrd. and the decent angle was nice at 40* -44* ave on all shots.

My concern was the Spin???? - Could the Launch  monitor calibration be off???  The shots felt absolutely great, compressed, the sound was amazing.... Distance was good carry about 190 3-12 yds off line (good for me maybe not good compared to others)  Club head speed was only about 85-90.... With that low of spin, I will not be able to stop anything correct?

In terms of club fitting, where do I go from here?  Stay with the -2* loft, will that make me a better ball striker, Different shaft, do I change back to a more standard loft?  I am perplexed.....

Thanks for any added input and or your expertise -  I am lost     

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  1. Quintin H

    Look at where on the face you are hitting.

  2. Chris B

    It was fairly close to center according to the impact tape.  On the low spin shots or high spin where would those be on the face or where I should look thanks.

  3. Joshua L

    Are you using an actual launch monitor (trackman, flightscope) or a hitting bay in a golf store type monitor? 

    Your spin rates sound so inconsistent that it leads me to believe your using one of those hitting bay type machines. The spin rates in those things are off of he charts and horribly inconsistent most of the time. 

    Assuming you're using an actual launch monitor you can bend your irons back to standard. Bending them weak will increase your spin rate. It's not a drastic, only a few hundred RPM's but ever bit helps. 

  4. Chris B

    No hitting bay, its an actual LM, not doppler based....Its Semi accurate, Lasered my irons outside on a range to compare to the sim results.....For whatever reason that day it was goofy.

  5. Quintin H

    If you are hitting high launch and low spin then it means you are scooping. Your swing bottoms out before the ball and the clubhead is moving up at impact. It should show hitting low on the face.

    If you are hitting low on the face with the clubhead going down then you would get low launch with high spin.

    If you are hitting a little high on the face, it means you are hitting the ground first.


    you are hitting off a tee, hitting high on the face which will increase launch and reduce spin.

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