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New AP2 712 Fitting Issue

Steven T

I made the mistake of letting my grandfather purchase my clubs through his club at their discount rate. He purchased the clubs stock. I previously had cleve TA7s that had been custom fitted to me when I was 17 years old. I am now 27 and my swing has changed from then. My 150 club has been my 9 iron for years and then generally every club was about a 10-12 yard difference from there. I have no idea what those clubs were set at as far as lie angle and swingweight and all that goes.

Before my grandfather bought the clubs I went to the local Edwin Watts to try them out and see how I liked them. When I asked the Rep to help my out he put a head on the shaft and walked off. I assumed that meant he had put just a general head on the shaft with no changes to it. I was hitting the 6 iron that day about 200-205 which is about 10-15 yards longer than I did with my old clubs. I thought that was great and those are the ones I should get, as everything felt great.

Since purchasing the clubs I have been hitting everything about 10 yards shorter than I did with my old clubs. For instance, hitting a 6 iron 180 or now having to get on an 8 to hit it 150.

My question is, is there something in the set up of the club that could be contributing to the loss of yardage? More specifically, does lie angle or swingweight affect the distance a ball is hit? If not what in the club set up could be contributing to such a drastic change in distance?

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  1. eboos

    I have had a shop put a 19* hybrid head on a shaft ment for a 21* or a 24* before. Not all shops are very well equiped with multiple shafts for different clubs. I am not saying that this is the problem that you encountered, but it is possible. My AP2's I tested off the rack, so I didn't experience any problems like this.

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