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Driver Shaft Fitting help

Joey R


I just want to get a little background and help before I get fitted for a new driver.

I just got a new 17 degree wood last year.  But i need a new driver.  With the wood, I got a heaver shaft but in a less stiff flex.  It is an 80 gram shaft in Stiff.  I could have gone X-stiff or tipped it a half inch, but i decided to leave it alone and use it for more control and not as much concern over distance.

Should I do the same with my driver?  Should I go with a 70 something gram shaft in a stiff/x-stiff or should I go with the 60 something gram shaft in X-stiff.

I am more concerned with control over distance.  I will take my 280-295 ish drives when I know exactly where they are going instead of a 310 and have no clue.  I do not play on the longest courses so that extra 15 yards is not an issue.

Thanks in advance TT,


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  1. Jason G

    Hey Joey, 

    I love the power you have.....I also have a 17deg 4 wood (910F) with my 910D2 driver and I put the same shaft in both.  It works awesome, I use the MITSUBISHI RAYON DIAMANA AHINA 72 X-Stiff.   Getting fitted is a must, that's how I got to my specs :)  I hope there is a Titleist fitting day soon in your future, it's a great club.


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