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Rob H

I am currently investigating in purchasing a new 913 D2 Driver.  I want to know if the Diamana Blueboard 73 is a standard option for a custom shaft. If so is it the "made for" type shaft for Titleist or is it Direct from Diamana with 3.0° torque. (better quality)

I also want to know about shaft stiffness selection.  I am guessing i have a swing speed of 105+ mph (can hit the ball 300yds)

i want to know if it would be better to just get an  Xstiff, or could i use a stiff flex and tip it 1" ?  My plan is to have an overall driver length of 44.5" (tipping it first)

do custom shaft option vary from canada to US?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The original Blue Board 73 shaft has been out for 10 years and if Mitsubishi is still supporting the BlueBoard 73, we can place that order for you, but there is an upcharge for that shaft.  It is not a proprietary shaft.  As always, we would recommend that you work with a fitter who can help you make that decision between stiff and X.

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