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New AP2 / Vokey Wedges

Jason G

I just ordered my new AP2's and my 52, 56 & 60 Vokey wedges (black nickle).  When I was fitted for my AP2's they put me in a X100 shaft, 1/2" long and 1deg flat.  When I ordered everything from my local Titleist guy he did a very nice thing, question the people at Titleist when ordering my Vokey wedges.  Apparently the standard S200 shaft wouldn't keep the same performance of my X100 shafts in my AP2's.  The guys at Titleist recommended the S400 shaft in the Vokey wedges and that would come as close as possible to the performance of my x100's .   

This was just an FYI for anyone who was fitted for stronger shaft in their irons and how it relates to the Vokey wedges.  Big thanks to the people at Titleist and my local Titleist dealer!!


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  1. Ron M.

    Congrats on your new setup and knowledgeable Staff....I have the same setup except the  S300shafts and a 52 that is oil...Enjoy your new clubs and hit -em often.

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