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No Click on Surefit

Matthew O

Hi Guys I was just wondering, I recently got a 913 driver which came with the tool to adjust the surefit hosel. I didn't need to change my driver however, I changed the hosel on my 910f. I read the information on the website and double checked with a video to make sure that I was doing it right. Anyway, when I did it on my 910f there was not the noticeable click to make sure it was fully in place. The head does not feel lose and it feels if I try and tighten the screw any more that it will start to bind and may break.

Does this meant that there is something wrong with my 910f? Should I just leave the club as is as it certainly does not feel lose? I would be hesitant to tighten it furthe to try and get the click as it feels like it might cause some real problems.

Any advice would be great.



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  1. eboos

    Have you used other adjustible driver tools before? The tools seem like they are tightening the bolt a lot before they click, but this feeling may be due to the lack of leverage that the T-driver tools have compared to a socket wrench.

  2. Christopher K

    Sounds like something may be wrong with your tool.  It is a simple torque wrench set to a specific foot pounds of torque, resulting in the audible click when that torque is reached, preventing over-tightening.  Hopefully Titleist will replace it for you.  Good luck and congrats on the new Big Dog!

  3. Don O

    So long as you are not cross-threading the screw as you start it, and the hosel rings are lined up and fitted together snug before you ratchet down with the Titleist tool, you can keep tightening until you get the click.  Your tire mechanic (should be) using a torque wrench on your lug nuts on your car is the same principle.  Why you use the tool is to get to the required torque on the screw and the click is when to stop. 

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