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Alistair B


Since I switched from miz MX20 with Dynamic Gold True Temper S300 to the AP2 with NS Pro 105 ST stiff shaft I have lost minimum 15 yards and up to 20 yards of distance.  What was previously a comfortable 8 iron from 150 yards, now sometimes becomes a long 6 iron for me!

I've considered switching back to miz but like the feel and look of my AP2's so would rather change the shafts if it will restore my previous distances. 

I live in The UAE so custom fitting options are limited, can anyone offer me some good advice please........other than get a lesson!!

Many thanks.

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  1. Ron M.

    It seems that the S300 and the pro 105 have the same flight characteristics (low)....I'm not sure if the flex point or the stiffness is the same but , it does sound like a shaft problem...I use the AP2's with s300 and use a 9 iron for 155 so the distance is there with the s300...maybe try the AP2's with the s300 to see for yourself if the distance is there....Good luck...

  2. Francisco B

    I really like the AP2 as well just bought my set and i had a demo day and still was a very difficult decision between two shafts i ended up getting the kbs tour and loved them almost went with the kbs c-taper for lower ball flight which is what you might need to get your yardage back i really enjoyed both but for me as a beginner i thought a little higher trajectory might help me. i recommend trying the c-tapers hope it helps

  3. Skylar T

    It may just be something in your swing.  You should do a side by side comparison of your old irons and your new ones and then go from there. 

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