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fitting 913 to same feel of old club

Hasanand N

I currently play with png G10 loft 9, Purshing 55g stiff lenght 44.75" total weigh 300g swing weigh D2.

Since this club has loft 9 my launch is only 14deg at best and side spin is an issue i like control

What would be the bedt shaff for my new 913 D2?

What is the weigh of the 913 D2 head? I am thinking of just getting the head and have club maker build one for me.

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  1. Hasanand N

    So quite. In my town there are only one fitting van. So, the brief question is that Basara shaft to soft for me. If yes what would. Be t hr next. Best alterantive?
  2. Breks19

    I would go with the 10.5* head in the 913 D2 with either the Diamana S+ blue or the Aldila Rip 60 for the shaft then set the driver on D1 setting which will bring your loft down to a 9.75* which should help you maintain the launch angle you desire but the effective loft of the original 10.5* head should add a little backspin which will cut down on your side spin and add some control. Also I think you would be hard pressed to have a club maker build one for you because Titleist does not currently offer the shaft adapters by themselves. You would have to try to pull the adapter without damaging it in order to put a new shaft in it. 

    Hope this helps,


  3. Hasanand N

    Many thanks Cody. I like your advise and think I will go with the shaft and loft you suggested. My regular habit now is choking down about 1 to 1 1/2 inch on the driver. I found no distance lost and much improve confident which resuled in accuracy. Do you think it is a good idea to trim the new driver down may be to 44" So I not have to grip down any more? Hasanand

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