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shafts in Titleist AP2 irons.

Connor I.

Hey Team Titleist, I have been looking for a new set of irons for the last couple months and I think I have decided on the AP2's but I can't figure out which shaft I need. I am 15 years old and about 5'5 tall and I hit my current 7 iron about 150-155 yards. the 2 shafts that my golf pro told me was the True Temper Dynalite gold XP R300 or S300. Do you think I should go with the regular R300 or go with the stiff S300.I have always played regular flex shafts but I have heard that you have more control with a stiffer shaft. any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Breks19

    First thing I would do would be get a proper Titleist fitting, figure out your swing speed and preferred trajectory, then maybe go to a demo day where you can try out the different shafts in the club heads and see which one works the best for you. Another suggestion I would have would be to check out the KBS tour 90 or the Project X PXi 5.5. Both of these shafts will also give you added control.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Skylar T

    Since your 15 and your still growing I would go with the s300 because your club head speed will be increasing as you get bigger and stronger.  The worst thing that could happen is if in about 6 months you have to go buy new shafts because their to flimsy for you.   

  3. Cameron D


    You can tend to have more control with a slightly stiffer shaft, but if it is too stiff then you will begin to struggle finding the right ball flight.  Work with your Golf Professional and have him take a look at how those shafts perform for your swing.



  4. Samuel C

    You should really go and get fit with the shafts that are right for your swing. Since you are pretty young and still getting better, the shafts might shaft in a few years for you.  In regards to the True Temper XP, maybe look at some shafts that are about the same weight and also the launch angle that you want.  

    Did the golf pro recommend those based off of something or were those the first ones he recommended?  I mean, Titleist carries a ton of different steel shafts.  

    I have been playing with True Temper S300s for the longest time, but then I recently wanted something a little bit lighter, so I got fitted for Project X PXi shafts. They are about 15-20 grams lighter and have gained some distance and don't have to work as hard to swing, since they are lighter. 

    What type of ball flight do you have? What type of flight do you want? Do you like a heavier or lighter shaft? etc. there are so many questions to answer before you pick. 

    Good luck with your selection. 


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