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Jim Pooler Fitter at Roger Dunn in Santa Ana, Ca.

Glenn C

See Jim Pooler at the Titleist Cent at the Roger Dunn Golf Store in Santa Ana, CA.

I had never  been fitted for clubs before. I have had 2 other sets of clubs, all just off the shelf.  My sister-in-law suggested that I get fitted this time. She has worked in the golf world for many years.  She was surprised that I had never been fitted before. She arranged a fitting for me with Jim Pooler.  

I had a great  golf club fitting experience with Jim Pooler! Jim was  patient and very thorough. He spent  time with me to make sure that my fitting was correct. He even found that I needed grips that were larger in diameter  so I wouldn't grip the clubs too


I am so happy with what Jim did for me and the new Titleist clubs I purchased.  

Since January 2013 my Index has dropped 4 points to 14.9 as of March 15th.  

Having the correct equipment designed for my swing is helping me tremendously.  Before my experience with Jim's fitting and the correct equipment I was lucky to Drive the ball 180-190 yards.  Most of my drives yesterday were 210-220. One drive went 268 yards.  I was amazed!  My fairway hybrid is going 180-200 yards on average.  

I know it is the archer, not the bow, BUT the correct equipment does help!

Thanks Again, Jim!


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Glenn,  I will forward your post to Jim!  I'm sure he will be happy to know the clubs and fitting worked well for you.

  2. Glenn C

    Hi Cathi,

    thank you. I'll tell Nancy hi from you when I'm see her tomorrow.

    be Well,


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