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Softstepping project x 6.0

Michael G

By softstepping these shafts, it will make each club 1/2in longer correct?

Thanks in advance. 

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  1. Robert J

    Only if you are using shafts which already have been installed into heads, otherwise they could be cut to desired length as a new build. New shafts may come at one length, where they get butt trimmed to desired finished length. 

  2. Breks19

    Only if that is how you want them, normally when you soft step you still cut the shaft to the appropriate length for the club.

  3. Chris92009

    Soft Stepping does not refer to length of shafts since it a reference to shaft flex...for instance soft stepping will make a club slightly softer than its stated flex.  An example would be one of my friends whom has DG X100 in his AP2 Irons and he has his shafts softstepped meaning they play about slightly softer than a standard X100 flex.  I would not recommend softstepping more than once in any shaft.  You can also hard step a shaft making it play slightly stiffer...

    Hope this helps!

  4. Michael G

    Thanks guys. The shafts are pull outs and are cut to standard length. I play my clubs .5 longer anyways so by soft stepping I won't need to tip them. The reason I'm soft stepping is because my swing speed is around 88-90 for 6 iron and the 6.0 straight in plus tipping might make them too stiff. What do you guys think?

  5. Robert J

    If those swingspeed numbers are accurate, you may be better with either Dynamic Gold S-300 or Project X 5.5 shafts. The 6.0 shafts frequency out to a S+ flex compared to the rest.

  6. Kevin Y

    Unless we are discussing parallel tip (.370) shafts, you should not be tipping the shafts at all.  The majority of iron models use taper tip (.355) shafts which are butt trimmed only.  If you tip trim a taper tip shaft you will impact the characteristics of the shaft and it will likely not install correctly.

    Therefore, if they are indeed taper tip shafts, and you want them to play standard length, your only feasible option is to remove the grip and butt trim them half an inch.  You still have the option of installing these at standard flex or soft stepped (even hard stepped if you wanted to), but if you do want to butt trim they will have to play a half an inch over standard.

  7. Michael G

    By adding 1/2in extenders to each club, will that change the playability of this shaft?

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