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Why is Titleist excluded from the PG a Super store Players Club Plus Membership.


I appreciate getting fitted in a cubicle by trained fitter but I can't tell what the ball is going to do under playing conditions. Again another advantage the pros and well to do amateurs have over us beaters. I can't afford to keep buying clubs if they don't work out.  I can't just plunk down $400 based on stats from a cubicle.

Give us a chance to demo on the course.

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  1. greg p

    The shop at my local course has a set of demos that the pro allows us to take out on the course.  When I bought my 910 I hit  it for about 45 minutes on the range before taking it out on my round.  Come to think of it, I did the same thing with my AP1's. 

    I'm with you.  I can't make a decision, especially with irons, by hitting indoors.

    Prices are normally the same but I found the service at green grass shops much better.

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