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Matrix OZIK XCON 6 not on 913 Spin/Launch Chart in Custom Options Brochure

Jim M

The custom shaft brochure for the 910 drivers showed the Matrix OZIK XCON6 with lower launch and lower spin than the RIP A 60(which I currentlyh game after the fitter put me there last year).  The XCON6 is listed in the 2013 brochure as an option but I can't find it on the Spin/Launch chart.    Where should it be on the 2013 chart?  I have seen soe description of the shaft as high launch and low spin which calls into question it's position on the 2011 chart.

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  1. Jim M

    I picked up a 17 degree with an XCON 6 shaft off EBAY and love the feel I get off it.  I also have a 13.5 degree with a Kaili that is OK but not the same great feel.  Just trying to figure out where the shaft really fits and whether it is worthwhile trying the XCON in the 13.5.  I'm going to a fitting this Saturday and am wondering if I should try the shaft and 913.    Anybody familiar with the the shafts?

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