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Swing weight for KBS Tours in AP1 with plus 3/4 inch shaft

Jesse E

I just received my new AP1 712 irons with the KBS Tour S shafts in them.  The shafts were +.75 inches, as I'm 6'2..  The clubs feel lighter than my old irons with TT DG S300s.  I wonder if the swing weight is the D2 as it says on the website, or if it's lighter with KBS tours, as I've read that on a lot of different sites?  Figured I'd ask you before I drive all the way back to the store I bought them from.



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  1. Cameron D


    Were your old irons the same length?  If they were, then the swing weight would be 2 points heavier.  Those shafts will swing weight 2 points lighter then the DG S300.  Your current irons will probably swing weight out to around D1.5.



  2. Jesse E

    They were shorter (standard length), and DG S300s. I got fitted and they said I needed longer clubs.  They didn't fit me very specifically though.  I had interest in the KBS, but we never compared different shafts to different ball flights.   I felt the head more in transition in the other clubs.  Now it seems like I'm swinging a board.  It's really hard to control the wedges as well.  I'm thinking of adding lead tape to them, but would rather not, as that just junks the club up.  

    Also I'm hitting a lot of shots off the toe.  Still straight ball flight, but with a little draw.  Not hitting it cleanly, but the ball is going where I'm aiming... just not as far as it should.  Good forgiving clubs, but I have read about KBS shafts drooping the toe?  Is this something real?  Or with the lighter shafts, do you think I'm just coming over the top.  I know you can't be 100% since you aren't seeing my swing, just an opinion woul be nice.

    Thanks for your time.


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