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grip alignment

Kevin K

I understand the sure fit hosel system. I also notice the shaft graphics rotate when adjustments are made. However I have adjusted my 913D2 for more draw. But, with no alignment markings on the golf pride grip I naturally grip the club neutral before I               Tee -off.  How do I know that I have closed the Driver face? Or am I just stupid

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  1. Fred C

    That's a great question Kevin. I can only speak to what I do - sole the club, pay no mind to the grip markings and grip the club as normal. Perhaps they can find a way to keep the grip position constant while changing the characteristics on future models.

  2. Cameron D


    This depends on what setting you have adjusted your driver to.  Know that if you stayed in the standard loft position, but moved to A-2 or B-2, you will have set your driver up for more draw (through adjusting the lie angle more upright).  

    If you have the stock Titleist Tour Velvet grip, then you'll notice that there isn't the "Titleist" script down near the bottom of the grip.  It is blank there to make adjusting (rotating) the shaft less distracting. 



  3. David B

    Make yourself a small marker on your grip with some whiteout or something if you need a visual reminder to rotate the clubface.  If I'm understanding you correctly, you shouldn't have to adjust your grip if you've adjusted your club now.  Step up and hit it...if it slices don't blame me!

  4. Kevin K

    OK, thanks for the help. I will just grip it and rip it.

  5. Kevin K

    Have played once @ A-2 and once @ B-2. Thanks man for your response, now I understand the theory.

  6. Kevin K

    OK man thanks, I am better understanding the Titleist sure fit hosel now.

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