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Titleist 712 AP1 vs. 712 AP2?


12 cap and currently have the 712 AP1, played with them last year and I was thinking of upgrading to the AP2's. On a good day I hit anywhere from 7-8 greens, and when I'm hitting them well my ball flight is fairly high. I would say my ball striking is solid, maybe a B+. Im afraid if I do go with the AP2's I won't be able to hit them, and it will be too difficult to find the centre of the face. I swing the driver just under 100 mph if that helps. What should I do, and what do you think of your 712 AP2s?

4 iron - 190

5 iron - 175

6 iron - 165

7 iron - 155

8 iron - 145

9 iron - 135

PW - 125

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  1. Hatch

    While I don't have the 712 AP2s, I do have the 08 original version and I love them. With that being said, I don't play or practice as much as I used to and have recently purchased a used set of 712 AP1s to help me decide what I want for 714 or whatever. I play to a 4 handicap and my swing speed is similar to yours at 105 mph.

    I think you'll like the feel of the AP2s a bit more and will probably like the looks a ton more. However, you'll loose about half a club or so of distance (It's just length of shaft and lofts of the two) and will see a wider shot dispersement with the 2s in my opinion.

    I feel I can still work the ball as needed with the 1s but noticed I too hit them really high. I have Project X flighted 5.5s in my 2s and am considering the same shaft in the 1s. Maybe you could consider a different shaft in yours as well?

    I know you'll love the look and feel of the 2s but are you willing to give up a half or full club of distance and a bit of straightness? (that's the real question I think) You may still end up hitting 7-8 greens a round and shooting the same scores. If that's the case then get what you like the look  and feel of better.

    I'm considering what I should get when the new irons come out. I see that half the tour pros or so on Titleist staff hit the AP2s and I think there are even 1 or 2 guys that hit the 1s. So I think to myself, if people like Steve Stricker are playing AP2s, should I know a lot of people will disagree but I think it comes down to you as an individual and what you prefer. I know that isn't an answer but hopefully a different perspective.


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