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Replacement / New Shaft for LH 913 D2


Can anyone tell me if I can order just a S300 shaft with tip at driver length for a 913 D2?    I got a steal on the club, and it came with a Mitsubishi 62g Stiff shaft.  But, has a very whippy feel to it.  I can hit it properly only about 50% of the time.   After speaking & showing the pro at the club I play at, he also agrees the shaft is the issue.

So, can I just get the shaft with the tip for the new drivers?  I realize the S300 will be cheap, but can I get it with the tip for 913?   I just got a 913 FD 13.5 Degree, and am hitting it between 270-320 depending on wind.  If I am hitting this farther than my driver, then the shaft needs a change.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  If it can be done, I will call a local shop that does my clubs, and have him order it. 

Thank you,

Anthony Palombo

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  1. AGP5000

    Just called and found out I can order it.  This can be erased.  Thank you!

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