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X-Flex and Heavier Shafts for the 913 Drivers

Steve J

I currently hit a 910D2 with a shaft I ordered directly from UST that is an X-Flex and roughly 80 grams.  I absolutely love it because it keeps my ball flight down (I live in the very windy city of Des Moines, IA).  I called a local pro who has some Titleist equipment, but he told me no one would have anything in X-Flex or 80 grams in stock to simply try out.  I looked at the 2013 Custom Club chart and there are 3 or 4 I'd like to try or hear about.  The Aldila RIPa80, the Mitsubishi Diamana+ White 82, the Project X 8A4, and the UST ProForce V286.  For the record, my ball speeds with my current D2 are between 162-169 and I like a lower trajectory.

I have a couple questions...

  1. Does anyone have/play these shafts currently, and do you like them?
  2. Is there an upcharge because they're not "stock" options?
  3. Where can I try them for myself on the 913 models?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...

Steve J

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  1. Joshua O

    Have you tried the RIP Phenom? it is a good shaft. I have mine is x-still and tipped .5". 

    I had access to a Diamana but it was only a stiff so i couldn't get an accurate feel for it.

  2. David Browning

    I did some looking around for you. There's actually a Regional Fitter not too far from where you live. They should have all the shafts your mentioned and then some. Yes, they'll have some X's if they feel that you need to be in one. 

    Riverside Casino & Golf Resort

    3184 HIGHWAY 22
    RIVERSIDE, IA 52327-9690


    The D+ is a great shaft, but, so are the others. Out of those 4, I personally liked the RIPa80x. I also liked the D+. 

    Whenever you have time, I'd give Riverside a call and schedule a proper fitting. They'll be able to fit you in to the perfect shaft.

  3. Steve J

    I went to a shop today in Des Moines that has the Surefit cart and tried the Diamana and the RIP Phenom...liked them both, but the Diamana was 70grams X-Flex and the Phenom was 80grams Stiff.  I saw from another comment that there's a more comprehensive fitting center not too far away.  I'm going to try it out when the weather warms up.  Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Steve J

    Great to know!  Thanks David...I'll check it out when our temps clear 60 degrees!  This has been a rough spring in the midwest.

  5. David Browning

    You're welcome. That's what we're here for. 

    It's been pretty tough here in Ohio as well. We've had a few warm days so far, but, I'll play in any kind of weather. Except when it's lightning out. 

  6. Bryan H


    We would love to help you with your shaft selections.  We have a good number of shafts that fit into what you are looking for.  Give us a call and we can get you set up with a time to come in and have you fit.

    Bryan Haas

    319.648.1234 ext. 1400

    319-461-7421 cell

  7. matt k

    I was fitted yesterday for the 913d3.  They matched me up with the RIP Phenom 70 X-stiff.  I thought the feel of it was fantastic and actually didnt like or didnt notice any difference in some of the more expensive non-stock shafts.  The Diamana was the first one I tried and I did not like the feel or response of it.  My club speed picked up about 1.5 mph with the Phenom and d3 combination over my old Proforce V2 shaft.  I averaged 115mph club speed and a ball speed of 170mph.  Definately try it if you have the chance.  I have not seen any of the X shafts in stock at any other stores so you may have to go to a fitter. 


  8. Brady T

    Steve -

    I am currently playing the 910 D3 with the RIP 80 and absolutely love it. I have always had trouble finding a shaft that complimented my swing ( 120+ mph) so I went to a titleist fitting shop in Rochester, NY (back in 2011). They put me on the LM and after the first 3 swings, gave me the RIP 80 to try. My traj and spin came down a significant amount and everything was staying consistent which is what I was looking for. The first week with it I struggled keeping it between the lines because it was so much different than what I was used to but after that - currently my driver is the most consistent club in the bag. My friends say it's like swinging re-bar. It sounds like you are already setup in a heavier shaft so you should be OK. The RIP 80 is not an up-charge.


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