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Kbs tour vs. kbs hi rev for wedges

Francisco B

Kbs tour vs. kbs hi rev for wedges

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  1. Francisco B

    so don't know why it didn't post the text so ill do it again hi TT I was wondering if any of you had any in put between these two shafts for wedges. I am currently playing the ap2 with kbs tour shafts and absolutely love them best ive had, but was wondering if I should continue the wedges with this shaft or go hi rev kbs I really like the kbs shafts and would want to stay same or similar to get consistency. the only thing is that I would love a little extra spin on my wedges which is why considering hi rev. wedge set up now is sm4 52.12, 56.14, and 60.04. also thinking of picking up tvd-k 60 that thing looks mean plus love the full sole and black call it the dark knight 

  2. Greg F

    I play KBS tour through my set including my 910H 24 with the KBS hybrid shaft. I was playing the 54 and 58 Vokeys with the Hi-Rev and I was launching the ball too high in my opinion. I have sold them and since then ordered some wedges from another brand with Y and K grind with the tour custom series so I will have the same shaft and flex through the irons/wedges. 

    I'm a Titleist woods, Scotty Cameron, another brand for irons/wedges, and KBS shaft homer. KBS are the best shafts IMO for irons and I love the hybrid shaft too. 

  3. Francisco B

    hi greg thanks for the input . I have a question for you when you look at the trajectory in the hi rev is it more like the stock shaft that these usually come in? so far with that being said I might just go all kbs tour for consistency but I will make sure to get fit first since I do want to buy the new tdv-k. and I was also going to get a 19* hybrid myself with kbs I really like how this shaft works for me and figured it be good to keep them the same. hey cathy o mike do you guys know when the fitting van will be around my area I live in 95076 zip or where is a good fitting for wedges? my short game is getting good but I know with the right equipment it can be like bliss. like they have always told me you don't use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail so be sure to always use the right tool

  4. Francisco B

    does any one know where I can get fitted to try out these shafts close by to me again zip is 95076

  5. David Browning

    Francisco B

    does any one know where I can get fitted to try out these shafts close by to me again zip is 95076

  6. Francisco B

    Yea tried that and all golf shops indoor wouldn't want to get fitted there for a wedge driver or putter is fine but for any iron or wedge I have to see it outside in actually playin conditions its very important to get the right roll with the correct bounce and the nearly impossible to see for me on a screen but thanks
  7. Mark D

    I tried the KBS tour vs. the Hi rev and definitely prefer the hi rev- better feel around the greens - I will admit though I just recently

    switched to the DG Spinner in my 54 SM4 and 58 SM4 and like them even more-I left the Hi Rev in my 50 R grind cuz I just really 

    love that grind- the previous sand and lob were M grind Vokeys

  8. Francisco B

    Well I really want to be consistant so im thinking of sticking with kbs but you never know. mark can you tell me the differences between the shafts and what you liked between the three? Do you use same stiffness as well I use stiff shaft and I hear a lot goin on with this as well I've heard people goin down using reg and other staying the same and others going to x shaft

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