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Diamana Blue 62 or Diamana white 72 on 913 D2?

Justin K

I have narrowed it down to these 2 shaft options. I have a 'real-time' course driving average distance of 283 yards(as close to no-wind as possible). Not 100% sure on swing speed because of inaccurate machine. I have a mid and straight ball flight. I am looking for similar ball flight if not a little higher, mid/mid-high ball flight. I am interested in 10.5 degree head (same degree as I have now) and like to feel in control of golf head so not tons of torque, and stiff flex (or course). I am just wondering what significant differences are between these 2 shaft options and what you'd recommend for me with the description I have told you. I know it is not an elaborate description, so I apologize for that. And I know I SHOULD be fitted, but I am in a time crunch and nearest fitter is 2 hours away for me. Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated!


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  1. Francisco B

    go with the heavier one I think you get more accuracy and not as torquey like you want plus it will be slightly lower ball flight not too drastic of change though. plus if your like me your gonna try to get everything out of it so if your swinging hard the heavier one is better release as well usually keeps in line more. my 2 cents

  2. Justin K

    that was very helpful! Thank you for your suggestion!

  3. Keith M

    I hate to give a conflicting opinion, but I will.  I can't recommend getting fitted enough, that it the ultimate determination.

    Based on what you said though, I would go with the lighter, blue 62 shaft.  I can only speak from my experience with it, but I have a swing speed of 100-105, and I use the blue 62 s flex, which I was fitted for and my distance is just slightly less than yours.  I don't have a problem with torque at all.  And if you're looking for a higher ball flight, the 62 is the way to go. 

  4. Justin K

    Yeah I wish I could sneak away to get fitted, just not in the books for right now. Thanks for the suggestion. I was slightly leaning towards the blue 62, I just don't want to lose accuracy with the lower weight of shaft and slightly higher torque. Anything on that to reassure me before I pull the trigger on it?

  5. Don O

    Both honest opinions. 

    Both shafts are stock and in most fitting carts.  I thought I heard the shafts are in the $150-175 range to order by themselves.  I'd hate to toss out $400 and then another $150 to be happy with a stock shaft.

  6. bigearnucsd

    i hit about 275~285 and i recently went with 913 D2 white 72.  on the monitor, white 72 gave me slightly better number but it came down to the feel.  I felt like the white 72 just gave me little more stable consistent feel. i know some people like lighter driver that gives you slightly higher swing speed but i like stability over swing speed.  i've been using this driver for past couple months and i couldn't be any happier. i've been hitting pretty stable mid flight balls.  what are you using right now?

  7. Justin K

    Okay I like control over distance for sure!! As I continue to debate both options I bet I end up grabbing the white 72. And I would like to not spend another 175$ afterwards to get the other shaft option, that'd be a huge waste. Thanks guys for all your help!! It is greatly appreciated!

  8. Shawn E

    I struggled with a slice for a while now.  I just purchased the Diamana 62 S+ in stiff for my R1 Black.  I previously had tried the stock shaft (RIP Phenom 55g) in both R and S flex.  Torque on this shaft was 3.4 and 3.5 respectively.  No help correcting my open face at impact (in-to-out swing resulting in push blocks and slices a lot of the time).  Then I tried NV 65 in both R and S flex.  Both of these came in at 3.5 torque as well.  Then finally, I hit the 913 D2 with the Diamana 62 S+ and the results were amazing.  Hmmm.. why do I hit this club straight but slice the R1, SLDR, Covert, Burner, Razr Fit, Cobra AMP Offset, etc., etc., THE SHAFT.  THE SHAFT on the 913 D2 is the Diamana 62 S+ in stiff flex and the difference is it has 4.5 degrees of torque.  So that is what has helped me straighten out my ball flight to something I see on Saturday and Sunday on TV.  1 degree of torque can make a big difference.  Anyway - I love the 62 S+ (Blue) but I can't comment on the 72 S+ (White).  It wasn't the driver head of the 913 but the shaft that was the difference for me.  Sorry if I got off subject... just trying to tell you my story for your own use.

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