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Hitting my sm4 wedges very high

shawn h

I am hitting my sm4 wedges very high. i like to hit my wedges with a very flat trajectory. i have kbs black nickel shafts, what would be a good shaft that will lower my ball flight and reduce spin?

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  1. Gator

    True Temper Dynamic Gold's.

  2. P. Blair

    Lower trajectory and lower spin? You're describing a 7-iron with a half swing.

    Alternately, if you are seeing abnormally high launch with your wedges only, and you're absolutely certain that the launch is higher than it should be for the loft of the club, it's probably best to go for a wedge fitting. Or just go hit a variety of wedges at your local pro shop. 

    Wedges are supposed to have a high trajectory...

  3. JW

    I would check the lofts of your wedges.  Hitting lower wedge shots is generally done with technique and the loft of the club.  Shafts will have very little impact on flight with clubs with as much loft as wedges have and should be used mostly IMO for weight and feel purposes.  Confidence and feel are important in wedge shafts but for the shaft to actually change launch and spin on a wedge shot is very unlikely.

  4. Skylar T

    Have you ever tried the DG Spinner wedge shafts.  Their supposed to launch lower with lots of spin which is the flight that I love.  I have not really gotten a chance to try them out yet though. 

  5. Lou G

    I like wedges to have high ball flight because I want them to stick the green.

    If I want a low trajectory, play back in the stance, use a less lofted club with a shorter backswing and so on.

  6. ron h

    I have a set of tp mb with project x shafts with the same shaft in my wedges and I love them. On normal swing they are a nice mid boring flight. I can play them low no problem or hit them hi if needed. I just ordered ap2 s with the pxi shafts. I will be playing those same shafts in my wedges. It also gives you a consistent feel through your set so you won't have to change your swing.

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