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Custom shaft in 913 D3

Luke H

Looking at getting a new 913D3, but looking to find a great shaft in a low launch / low spin. The Fujikura Rombax Type X-75 xtra stiff caught my eye, but I noticed they have it listed as a mid launch on their website, where Titleist has it listed as one of the lowest launching shafts offered.  Do you guys test shafts and then assign it yourself?  Over the years I have learned to trust Titleist more then any other golf company, but this shaft has a hefty up-charge so I just want to make sure it is indeed low launch and spin.

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  1. Luke H

    Anyone know where new clubs ship from?
  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Our R and D does test the clubs and post what they see. Please note that shafts can respond differently to individual players depending on speed and the way they are loaded.  Our tests are done with a robot.

    The clubs ship from Carlsbad, CA.

  3. Luke H

    Thank you Cathi.

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