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Troy C

I traditionally hit a high ball due to my step swing. Which shaft would be the best for my new 9.5 913 D3? I also have the 913 F and 913 H 17 degree. Any suggestions?

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  1. Dan L

    I have the same setup  and problem. I do not know your swing speed but try to find a shaft with a high kickpoint. These shafts tend to be a little heavier and expensive. My ss is in the mid 90's. I went to a 913 D 3 8.5 set at A1 with a Bassara 50 r and got my launch angle between 13.0 to 14.0, with a ball speed of 140 and a spin rate of under 3000. I also have the Bassara  55 r in my 913F set at A1 and a Bassara 60 r in my 910 17 set at D1, this setting lowers the loft by .5. I kept the hybird head and changed the shaft. I previously had the 910 D 3 with an ilima 61 r, the 910 F with a 61 r ilima, and 910 h with a ilima 70r.  I have noticed a big difference with the Bassara shafts in distance and a lower more penetrating ball flight.

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