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Sure Fit Performance Guide ?

Chris M

I was recently fit for a driver at a Titleist Fitting Network retailer.  I currently play a 909D2 in 10.5*.  After the fitting, the fitter recommendended a 913D2 in 12.0*, B-4 setting, Diamana D+ White 72x.

My questions is as follows "Would a 10.5* in  a B-1 setting have the same specs as the 12.0* in the B-4 setting (11.25* effecitve loft with face open)?"  Please note that I am left handed!

I live in Minnesota and was fitted during the late winter months after not swinging a club since November and am concerned that swing was off due to not playing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Cameron D


    The only difference will be the effective face angle.  The 10.5* in the B-1 will have an effective face angle of .5* closed.  The 12* in the B-4 setting will be 1.5* open.  



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