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Turn around time and pricing when being fitted

Curtis M

I am looking to get fitted after the season when the new line comes out.  Was just curious on what kind of turn around times are there to recieve the clubs, and what kind of prices am I looking at when being fitted?  If it makes a difference, the fitting will most likely be at Riverside Casino and Resort in Riverside IA.   Any input is welcome!  Thanks!!


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  1. Don O

    My 712 irons took about 8-9 business days to Wisconsin.  Outside of the tour facilities and regional fitting centers, the fitting is negotiable.  Not necessarily the upfront fee, but can be reduced or eliminated depending on the size of the purchase.  At an advanced fitting center my full price including fitting was around the current list.  Hard to estimate your price as you may mix club series and differing numbers of hybrids.

  2. ron h

    Hello Curtis. My answer is based on my personal experience. I have ordered many sets in the past and the turnaround time was 10-14 days. I just purchased a set of ap2's and they took 14 days. There is one factor that can effect those numbers greatly. Do they have in stock the product you ordered?. Head with proper lie angle, shaft, ect. If not, you could be looking at multiple weeks. As far as fitting pricing goes, it depends where you get fitted. All of the places I've been fitted have a fitting fee. If you purchase the clubs there, the fitting fee goes toward the clubs. I have seen some places only give you a percentage of the fitting fee toward the clubs you order. It just depends where you go. I'm not familiar with Riverside. I would recommend that you try out the new Project X PXI shaft. I have played PJX shafts since they first came out. The PXI shaft is by far the best shaft they have made. It is so smooth and has a great flight. I have tried them all. KBS, DG,NIPPON,ect. If you get fitted properly they will recommend the optimal shaft for you. I recommend an out door fitting with track man. That way you can see that flight and shot shape you want along with the numbers. I am a touch and feel player. I gave up a few yards from the optimal shaft they suggested because I have more control with the PXI. Don't forget irons are about scoring not distance. Though I did gain a club switching from the standard PJX to the PXI. I hope this helps you out. Have fun with it and good luck. Ron
  3. Curtis M

    Thanks for the input!   Almost wish it was the end of the season.....  Almost.

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