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buying new shaft for 913F/FD

Navin J

I have 913FD and a 913 both with diamana ahina shafts. I would prefer a slightly higher ball flight so I want to buy diamana ilima shafts for both. Do I just contact nearest titleist dealer for this? I am hoping I can just order the shaft that comes with adapter so I don't have to go to a fitter.


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  1. Potomac Golfer

    Yes -- any Titleist dealer can order the shafts (w/ the surefit adaptor). (in Manhattan KS) is an authorized dealer (according to Titleist's website) that sells them online, and I've used them successfully in the past.

  2. Don O

    Unless money is no object, you can also try adding 0.75 degrees of loft on the surefit setting.  

  3. Navin J

    Depends on how much it costs :-) if it is over 250 then I will rethink. 

  4. Navin J

    Turned out it is $400 for diamana ilima! I wish I could sell my ahina :-(

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Navin,  We don't have an MSRP for shafts so you may want to check pricing with your local pro as well.  If you are looking for the Titleist Ilima, the price should be less. 

  6. Navin J

    I will do that, this was the quote given by edwin watts for Diamana ilima. I will ask them for both diamana iliam and titleist diamana ilima.

  7. Dan L

    If you can get fitted. I switched from an Ilima 61 stock shaft in a 910 D3 9.5 to a Bassara 50 stock in a 913 D3 8.5 and picked up 15 yards carry. You can order a shaft from Titleist but you will need an account or order from a Pro shop or dealer. The stock shafts are not too expensive.

  8. Navin J

    I already have great 913D3 driver with AD DI shaft, love it! what I don't undertsand is why diamana ilima costs $400 when I can order a new fairway wood with diamana ilima for another $50 bucks!

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