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913 surefit adapters

Sandy M

Here we go again. New adapters that don't work with the shafts we have for the 910 series. AND still Titleist won't sell us the adapters. Who is in control of my golf clubs anyway? I put genuine Mitsu's, Graphite Designs, etc in my clubs, not the made for Titleist, watered down ones. I have 4 910 hybrids with two different sets of shafts. What a nightmare if I want to upgrade. In this case it is just not my hassle, but it is costing them sales.

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  1. Cameron D


    Any 910 fairway or hybrid shaft can be converted into the 913 Surefit adapter.  The shaft does need to be a shaft that was ordered through by an authorized Titleist retailer, which allows us to confirm the shafts authenticity.  To have this done, just take the shaft to any authorized Titleist retailer who can set this up through our Repairs Department.  The cost is $45 per club.

    If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-TITLEIST.



  2. jeff l

    eBay has them .... OME

  3. Sandy M

    To my utter and complete amazement, my Miyazaki shaft was rejected by Tiletist after I went through the hassles of going to a retailer and having them send it to Titleist.  It is not approved by Titleist.  Now, having sold my 910 3 wood head, I am left with a $225 shaft with a 910 adapter that Titleist will not allow to work with my 913 head.  Their solution?  They want me to buy a new shaft for the 913, throw it away and then have my clubfitter put the adapter on my Miyazaki.  I will let the potential Titleist users decide what we need to do in the future.  I wonder if Vijay Singh and Boo Weekley would say to being told they are using shafts that can't get the Tirleist seal of approval.

  4. 19hole

    jeff l

    eBay has them .... OME

    You will find that the ones for sale on eBay are NOT genuine Titleist but aftermarket items. I personally would not trust them to be 100% the same a a Titleist manufactured shaft adapter!

  5. jeff l

    I got mine there and it was the real thing do I would try there for sure you will find it 

  6. BC13

    Miyazaki shafts are owned by cleve/srxn. Titleist isn't going to approve a direct competitor's shaft.

  7. Sandy M

    Titleist made 910 surefits for a .350 tip.  Now it seems they do not and the aftermarket ones don't come in .350.  So the couple of .350 shafts I have cannot be adapted.   This is more hassle than it is worth.  No more Titleists for me.

  8. Bill W

    Thanks for the info Cameron. So, let me make sure I have this correct...  I have a 910H shaft that I bought thru my local Titleist retailer.  If I send it to you thru them you can adapt it to my 913H for $45?

  9. Cameron D


    Correct.  Take it to your local authorized Titleist retailer, who can setup the RA through our Repairs Department.



  10. alex O

    If i send in my shaft does it have to have the 910 adapter on it to get the 913 adapter? Because i want to put the 910 adapter on a different shaft. If i just send in the shaft without any adapter on it will i still be able to get the 913 adapter on it?

  11. Cameron D


    We can only convert 910 shafts into 913 shafts.  This would be for fairway and hybrid shafts, since the driver shafts are compatible in both the 910 and 913. 



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