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shaft change

Bill K

I have a 95 swing speed and am using a Wyvern 50 R flex shaft with a 9.5 loft on my 913 D2 with a B2 setting. My guess is my fitter was emphasizing carry.

My ball flight is predictably high, but tends to float and drop without much roll out- I think the ball flight is too high and is a mess in the wind.  I would like a more penetrating but not flat ball flight. I am considering the Diamana S+ 62 in a regular shaft. Would I need to increase the loft to 10.5 to not lose much carry and still have a more penetrating ball flight? Am i on the right track with this?

Suggestions are welcome!



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  1. fred k


    you're basically looking for a high kick, low spin shaft.  of course a fitter can better steer you, but i don't think i'd change the loft to start with.  work with different shafts with mid to high kick points which should bring your launch angle down some.

    i had a similar ball flight as you do.  launch it like a 7 fitter put me in a aldila rip60 alpha on a 910d3 and it lowered my launch almost 4 degrees.  it's made all the difference and if i catch it right, the ball will carry and then tumble out of the sky with tons of roll.

    one thing i probably wouldn't suggest is to go to a much heavier shaft 70+ gram since you play a 50ish gram shaft now.

    good luck!


  2. Bill K

    Thanks, Fred. A seven iron flight describes it well.

    I will try the shaft and see if the loft adjustments would work. It seems some folks believe the Diamana S+ 62 launches high - guess they have some very serious swing speeds. It seems that launch and carry are a balancing act. I hope a mid launch should take care of my fly balls and that the adjustments would take care of any carry issues.


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