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Accurate club fitting

david b

I played Titleist driver, 3wood, rescue Vokey wedges and a Scotty Cameron putter but stubbornly kept my png S56 blade irons.

Last week I had an opportunity to compare their performance on the latest launch monitor I was amazed to learn my ball flight was too low, spin rate was also low and real carry distance was actually 15% less than I thought. I tried the Titleist AP2 712 irons & they outperformed the Pings in every capacity as far as "my swing" was concerned, Club head speed, ball flight, and spin were really close to the recommended parameters. I played with them for the first time yesterday & the improvement in my ball striking was dramatic. I am a 6 handicap player yet had no idea that the S56 irons I loved so much and played the last 3 years were so poorly suited for my game.

I hope anyone reading this post and is not totally sold on accurate club fitting will give it more thought. 

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  1. Bryan L

    I got an accurate club fitting from a titleist staffer as well and am in the process of saving up for some ap2's as well.  I currently have the s59 blades.

  2. Greg P

    I'm a believer too!  When it came time to to replace my old DCI's 4 years ago, I decided to go to a fitter for the first time.  I went in lusting for the AP1's but my fitter cautioned me to keep an open mind.  He wanted to give me the best for my game without prejudice.

    Turns out that the AP1's  were for me and have been singing their praises ever since.

    I can't stress the importance of proper fit and using a knowledgeable fitter in whom you have confidence.  It makes a huge difference in terms of performance and confidence in the equipment.

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