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Bending 710 MB's 2nd time

Rob C

Hello, im have owned a set of 710 MB's for about 9 months now and when i first bought them i got them bent 2 * flat. Now, my  swing coach (Drew Kayser) told me to get them bent another 3*. The clubs are forged so at first i wasn't concerned about getting them bent a second time but after getting off the phone with golf town they told me i shouldn't get them bent another 3* because of stress put on the chrome finish. They said it could crack and and ruin the club. He said he would do 2* more, but he still was very worried about bending them again. Any ideas? maybe this buy doesn't know what he's talking about, i really don't know. Titleist, Please help? should i go ahead and get them bent again and listen to my coach? Thanks 

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    As the clubs are forged, they can be bent, but what happens is you take the chance on crimping the chrome plating which will not affect performance, but might flake off in the future.  Also, please be aware that bending irons outside of our repair department will void the warranty with us, and the golf shop waranties the work and the club. 

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