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Fitting Van vs. Advanced Fitter

Glenn C

I'm SECOND on the waiting list for the Fitting Van at Pleasanton this Friday.  ARGH.  Looking to move on from the TM R9 I've had for the past few years.  Doesn't look like there's another van coming to this area for the foreseeable future.  :-(  Do they ever cram in an extra one or two people into the schedule?    :-(

Maybe I'll consider the Advanced Fitter not too far away, south of SF.  But how does this experience compare with the Fitting Van experience?  



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  1. Mike C

    I built a set of clubs and was fit with the fitting van two years ago.  The cool thing about it was, once we had determined the setup, they actually built the clubs to spec on the spot in the fitting van.  Walked away from the fitting with the clubs ready to go.  Also, the knowledge of the fitter and staff was excelent.  It was a really neat experience and would recommend it if you can get in.

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