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Iron Fitting...don't need a launch monitor?

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Hi Everyone, my son who is 15, is really getting into the game, which is great. He has clearly outgrown the tm clubs with regular shafts I got for him. He's still erratic as he can shoot as low as 83-84 and as high as 94-95. I want to get him fitted as I think that will help his game. I called the nearest Titleist regional fitter and he told me that for just irons, there is no need for a launch monitor and it's more of a trial and error. the fitting would occur on the range but Does that make sense? Somehow, when I'm paying a decent fee to get my son fitted, I expected more than trial and error. Does this make sense? or should I be looking elsewhere?

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  1. ksprecher


    I am a regional fitter and I use a launch monitor with all fittings. I know all the other regional fitters and I'm a little surprised by their response. I suggest you find an authorized Titleist fitter who uses a launch monitor.

    If you need a recommendation let me know where you are located.


  2. steve b

    In the year 2013 a launch montior is a must. Absolutely demand that. Also equally important -- outdoors where you can see ball flight and hit from real grass using Pro V1 golf balls.  In other words -- REAL GOLF no simulators....

      A little headstart -- make sure the fitter uses the charts on pages 61-63 in the Titleist fitting manual. They will tell you if his trajetory is correct in order to stop the ball  on the green. The other charts in the manual are fantastic as well for driver fitting and iron fitting.  Millions of dollars of research went into those a great fitter will know how to use them to help your son.

      Headstart #2 -- watch out for the length of the driver shaft.  Most of the golf industry is touting longer and longer shafts.  This can litterally ruin a juniors golf swing.  His driver shaft should be no taller than 4" above his belly button.  And that is if he is a good player, otherwise maybe a couple inches above his belly button.

      Tip #3 -- find a TPI junior certified coach for your son.  The information they have about growth spurts, training for juniors and athletic development is information from the leaders in the world on this subject. log on to and use the locator service. THAT will be the best money you will spend on him.

    steve ball

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