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AP2's or MB's??

Marty M

A few years back I purchased some Titleist AP2 irons and loved them from the first swing. My problem now is that I am much stronger and much more focused with my swing and I cannot work these irons as much as I need to at times. I have always loved the feel of blades, but never played any. The comfort I have with blade irons is unmatched with any club I have ever laid my hands on. I have been playing the game for the majority of my life due to falling in love with the sport at a young age close to that of many PGA Tour champions today. Minus the last 3 years I have spent every single summer competing in tournaments across Colorado and although I had many more wins in my youth I have a much more dedicated and focused determination to play to my full potential and start winning tournaments again. It has been far too long since I have seriously competed like I know I should be.

I truly believe that with the correct equipment I will find my swing and compete once again and God willing make it to the big stage someday. My son inspires me to pursue this life on tour even more than I did before he was born. I've been dreaming of a life tied to golf for twenty some years now and my heart will stop pumping blood through my body before I let all of these years of practice and learning go to waste.

I guess what I really want to know is if anybody thinks it is a good idea or worth it to switch from my AP2's to some MB's...

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  1. Jed B

    I have been playing 712 AP2 with different shafts. S300 is the best one however I decided to switch over to 712 MB 5-PW with Nunchuk XI shafts. It became more pure and control every shot. AP2 is great cuz it helped me to improve my ball striking then MB irons immediately worked very well. Im still using 4 AP2 but planning to replace it with 712 U for sure!


  2. Nick B

    Well if you want more workability, the MB's would be a great candidate for you. While the AP2's are technically a blade, you will experience more workability with the MB' or even the 712U's, which also have had great reviews. Honestly, if I was in your situation I would go to a golf shop or even a club fitting and try every blade you can get your hands on, to get a feel for what it would be like hitting a blade iron like the MB's or 712U's. It'd be better to try out the clubs rather then buying them based off advice on a forum haha. Good Luck.

  3. Michael S

    I have been playing the MB's for about a month now after playing the AP2's for a while...both the 712 models....I definitely prefer the MB's, best irons i've ever hit, super buttery, great feel, and look great, the chrome on the AP2's starts to look pretty bad after a while...but it is not a HUGE difference between the two, MB is a little thinner and the AP2 has the tungsten weight in it, so it's more forgiving, but don't do something wrong and you won't need forgiveness :)

  4. Tim S

    I just had a fitting done for MB's and while the fitter said while the fitter said the trackman numbers pointed towards the AP2's, I pushed for the MB's and I am glad I did....the trakman numbers were not that different and the MBs are longer and more consistent. I was scared about getting the MB's because veryone thinks they are way too much club for a 11HDCP..but let me assure you they are not.....once you hit 20 -25 balls at the range, you will become ultra comfortable with them and your confidence in your club will skyrocket. 

    Once I got on the course with them, it was even better....playing from different lies, and lengths to the pin really made these clubs stand out....they glide through the turf much easier than the AP2s.

    When I went for my fitting appt, it was cold and rainy and the turf was wetter than a sponge....the AP2s dug in way too much while the MBs trasitioned easier through the wet ground....

    go for the MB' wil not be disappointed......the club does not make the golfer....if you can hit Ap2s, you can hit the MBs

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