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Question for a fitter

Matthew L

Team Titleist, 

 I purchased a 913 D3 driver with an x stiff shaft about a month ago. I love this club. I am now looking to to purchase fairway woods. I was curious which club would be better for me the 913F or the 913Fd? I have a somewhat high ball flight. Should i stick with x stiff shafts in my woods as well? 

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  1. Nick B

    well if you are happy with your ball flight, then absolutely stick with your current stiffness, seeing as ball flight is largely dependant on the stiffness of the shaft (lower flex = higher trajectory). As far as which club to get, its up to you whether you want the standard 913F, of the Fd, which has an even less amount of spin added to the ball and more distance, but is a different shape as well, with a full pear shape (compared to the classic fairway wood shape of the 913F). If I were you, I'd test out both with the XS shaft and see which one you prefer, and if youd rather have the more distance and less spin, compared to the regular 913F. Good luck.

  2. Matthew L

    ok thank you. i like the fd much better. they didnt have a xstiff shaft at the store i went to so i swung both with a stiff shaft and i definately like the fd alot better. my driver launch and trajectory are better with x stiff shaft. i should prob stay with x stiff in my woods as well then??

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