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Hi TT,

Siobhan M

I purchased AP1's 6 months ago in steel shaft with the standard supply shaft. I am a 35 yr old female of height 5'8. About 3 yrs ago when on a launch monitor my swing speed was between 70-80 mph and also at a png demo day i was advised to stick with steel shafts. However, i find the long irons in particular heavy and i am conisdering switching to a stiff flex graphite shaft. Would this be a good move and should i be looking at a heavier graphite shaft. Also, i would like a shaft to help me launch the ball better. Have you any recommendations for me?



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  1. Nick B

    As far as your question regarding the ball flight, you will experience a higher ball flight if you go with a lower flex in the new shaft, so if you are previously using a regular, I would advise going with an even lower flex shaft, Something along the lines of a senior/ladies flex, because it would have a lower kick point (higher trajectory). As far as the weight question, personally I would recommend you choose a graphite shaft with a similar weight to the steel shafts weight, as to keep your swing in tempo and not cause any additional problems with your swing due to the change in weight

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If you wanted to stay in steel, the NS pro 950 shafts are very popular on the LPGA as they are almost as light as a heavyweight graphite shaft with the feel and performance of steel.  If your swing speed of 70-80 is with your driver, you may want to consider going to a graphite shaft.  We offer the AD di65, VS proto 75 and 85 as well as the Aerotech i95 and 110 in graphite.  I would contact or to find a good local fitter to help.

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