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Same shaft for Driver and 3W?

Dan W

Hello all,

I went to a recent demo days to try the Titleist equipment. My eyes preferred the smaller head of the D3 but we couldn't find a ball flight or feel that I liked with the standard shafts. The rep then switched me into a Motore F3 shaft and everything came into place. The launch monitor numbers were great. I loved it. I'm also considering the 3W but I was so happy about the driver I forgot to ask if I should get the same shaft in the 3W? I'm a big hitter so I tee off with the 3W far more often than my driver. The courses I usually play don't have gargantuan par 5's so I don't need to hit the 3W off the deck. Thank you.

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  1. stuart c

    I got fitted for the RIP 62 stiff in my 913 D2 and love it. I hit it straight, low spinning and farther than anything else.  I assume it is due to the low torque.  I am considering getting it in a 913 F or FD at the normal 3W length.  I have not seen anyone do this.  i know a lot of guys who have this shaft in their driver but no one has it in a 3W.  It is usually 10 or 20 grams heavier and not the RIP shaft in their 3W but i am so happy with the driver I may try it.  TT any input?  

  2. Mike C

    I have a 910fd 3-wood with a RIP Alpha 74g shaft in it that I played for while.  At the time, I was playing a RIP Alpha 62g shaft in my driver.  The 3-wood with the RIP Alpha 74g shaft was great off the tee, but tended to move around a bit when I was hitting balls off the deck due to turf interaction.  Because I use the club off the deck at times, I moved away from the RIP in the 3-Wood to a ProForce V2 76g because it is more tip stiff.  I really like the RIP a shaft, just the turf interaction caused issues for me personally.  I currently swing the RIP Alpha 74g shaft in my 913D3 Driver and love it.  A little more weight gave me extra stability.

    Go to a Titleist fitter and try out the different permutations you are considering.  If they don't have the shaft you want to try, they should be able to contact their rep and get a demo shaft for you to test.  On the three wood, be sure to consider how you are using the club (tee, turf or both) and be sure to test out the various shafts in both conditions as it will react differently.

  3. eboos

    I use the Diamana D+ White in my driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid (progressively heavier weights of course). My driver has a X-flex and is set to B2. My 3 wood has a s-flex set to B2, and my 3 hybrid also has a s-flex but is set to B1 for more fade. This seems to work for me.

  4. Ben K

    I have  Rip B 70 gr. x-stiff shafts in both my 909D3 and 909f. The driver is 1 inch long and the 3 wd is 1/2 in long from standard. I actually really like having the same shaft in both clubs for feel. I had both clubs re-shafted this spring with this shaft and am really glad I did.

    The torque is low enough on this shaft that the ball flight is boring and low, but I still get enough carry; particuarly with the 3 wd. I look at it this way: are all of the shafts in your irons and wedges the same?

    My suggestion would be to ask a professional fitter their opinion.

    A side note to this is that with this shaft, I hit my driver with better, lower ball flight with a 9.5 degree than I was with an 8.5 degree 909 Comp and a different shaft( ball flight with this set up was all carry and no roll).


    Good luck!

  5. Dan W

    Thank you all for sharing your insights and ideas.

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