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913H Steel Shafts

Chris K


I have a 913H 19° and 21°, I want to put either a Project X 5.5 or Dynamic Gold S300 in them.  What effect will those shafts have on the swing weight and will I need to change it.  Currently shafted with Diamana S+ Blue 82 HY Stiff.

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  1. Cameron D


    Currently, the swing weight of the club is D3 with the 9g (red dot) bezel weight.  If you put the Project X (steel) shaft or Dynamic Gold S300 in there, the swing weight will be D5 with that same weight (steel is 1/2" shorter in the hybrid)  If you wanted to lighten it, you could use the 4g bezel weight to make the swing weight D2 or the 7g bezel weight to make the swing weight D4.



  2. Michael F

    What can I expect if I replace an Aldila VS 73r in my 910h with a S300; height and shape?? My swing speed is 't high (fitted shafts in 913 are driver Bassara 50s. 4 wood 55s and hybrids 60r)

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