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Need help after going through a Driver Fitting.

Derik U

I live in Kansas and recently went through a Titleist Driver fitting at the PGA Superstore in Denver, CO. Awesome store with an awesome experience. I have always played a driver with a stiff shaft but after going through this, turns out I should have been playing a X-stiff. Numbers were soo much better after hitting that on the monitor. I'd like to either buy a slightly used driver to save some money. Would hopefully be able to buy a new and correct shaft that would better suit me. I had a couple of questions regarding my paperwork that the guy gave me. He wrote down that I would be best suited for the:

Titleist 913 D2, X-Stiff, Diamana Black Board, 8.5 degree

I could not find this shaft on the Titleist website. I wanted to get all of my ducks in a row before calling them to order this shaft once I found a good price on a club. Does this shaft sound familiar to you guys? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm headed to Dallas, TX this weekend for a few days and will probably be looking for a good club purchase while I'm there. 

Thanks for the help!!


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  1. Wade C

    There is no such thing as a "Black Board" Diamana.  In the past there were Red, White and Blue Board.  Those have been replaced with new models in the last few seasons.  He's probably referring to the Diamana D+ or the Ahina shaft, that are both black in color.  That could be the confusion.  I would call him to clarify.

  2. Mike B


    The shaft he is telling you to get is actually listed on the website as follows: Diamana D+ White. This shaft is commonly known as the "Whiteboard" shaft. Easy for the Superstore employee to get it confused and call it blackboard because it is actually a black shaft with white lettering. Be sure and pick the same shaft you were hitting when you did the demo (The XS comes in 62/72/82 Gram weights) I am not 100% sure but most fitting carts have the 72g XS shaft in them now. That was more than likely the one you hit. On a sidenote I actually use almost the same rig in my bag and it is a great set-up. 910 D3 / *8.5 deg / Diamana White 72. Great set-up for a low penatrating ball flight. Good luck finding what you are looking for and I hope I helped.



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