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913 Fd vs F

Blair M

Hi All, 

Hoping to understand why when I compared the 913f to the Fd, I actually would spin the ball more with the Fd than the F.  I really liked both clubs but was under the understanding that the Fd was supposed to spin less that the F.  Is that correct?  Both clubs were hit with the exact same shaft and hosel settings and as I figured, the Fd performed better off the tee shots.  While going through the fitting, I was using all the launch monitor stuff and was tracking every shot.  The numbers don't lie and and I pulled the trigger on the Fd!  Really excited about the new club.  

Thanks, Blair

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  1. Cameron D


    You are correct in saying that the 913F.d is a lower spinning model.  There is a possibility that you were making contact with the F.d slightly lower on the face.  This would cause an increase in spin.  The larger head size of the F.d could have given off the feeling that it was being hit as consistently as the 913F.

    Glad you liked the new club! 



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