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Loss of Distance after Switching to Players Club?


Just upgraded from Cally X22's uniflex to Titleist 735 CM Chrome and have been to the range once.  Ball flight was sooooo much better!  I've always somehow struggled with a lower trajectory with the cavity backs which sometimes led to not holding greens.  My ball flight was so much higher and softer landing with the 735s with a slight draw, and of course a much smoother forged feel.

It's only been one trip to the range, but while I figured I may lose a club length initially moving to more of a player's club I feel like I was almost 2 club lengths in lost distance...very concerning.  I'm thinking this could be due to the transition from a uniflex shaft to a TT DG S300, which I'm assuming is a good bit more stiff.  I don't know, but watching the ball flight was awesome in the air and then a little frustrating when noticing how far it actually went.

Has anyone out there gone through this kind of transition and had the same symptoms or any advice to give?  Hopefully I'm worrying a bit too early, but I want to game these clubs soon and until I can get better yardage gaps I'm not sure I can.

Thanks, Team Titleist!

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  1. fred k


    i'm a bit surprised that you're hitting the dgs300 shaft so much higher than the uniflex.  but to answer your question, i believe the loss of distance can be attributed to 2 things:

    1) lofts on the x22's are a couple of degrees stronger than the 735s

    2) dgs300 is a heavier shaft than the uniflex

    i suspect if you switched out the dgs300 shaft (120+ gram) for something lighter like project x pxi or kbs tour 90, you'll gain a little clubhead speed and some distance...also, don't rule out graphite shafts...good luck!

    - fred

  2. Mark F


    I don't know if you're comparing apples and oranges.  Does the two club distance loss compare  your old clubs at the range vs. your new clubs at the range?  The reason I ask is that the range that I go to uses a one piece "range" ball so that they don't fly out of the range.  I thought that I was loosing some distance also, but the range guy told me that these types of balls are about 10% shorter than a regular "course" ball.  So if you're comparing the new clubs with range balls vs. your old clubs at the course, that might explain some of the difference.  Just a thought.

    Mark F

  3. Johnny C

    I'm no instructor by any stretch but it may be you are not getting consistent center contact and/or not compressing the ball effectively. It's hard to say for sure without looking at your swing. I have gone from player's cavity backs to the Titleist 712 MB's and actually gained a club in distance but it's my humble opinion that I am now striking the ball better than I was before, thus the increased distance. Good luck to you and enjoy the move up to player's clubs!
  4. Wade C

    A lot of variables here.  In the litte information that you provided, it could be conlubded that the uniflex shaf,t in conjunction with a game improvement head, is a better fit for you in terms of overall distance.  I would check the lofts as well.  CB's are going to have weaker lofts than the X-22's.

  5. Drew

    Thanks everybody for the feedback!

    I knew going in that the Cally's have stronger lofts, but I didn't think about the "range ball effect".  Also, the grass tees were closed and I was hitting off of a mat, not a carpet mat, but a fake turf mat.  I felt like I was hitting pretty center of clubface since I didn't have any harsh vibration feedback, but maybe hitting off of a softer mat was preventing me from really compressing the ball as maybe I would have been off of grass over hard Georgia clay.

    I'm planning on getting back out to a grass range with them this week and will take my Cally's for a true comparison.  I truly hope to become a much better ball striker from working with these clubs as Johnny C mentioned.  Also, I've been looking at lighter shafts just in case the TT SG 300's are just too heavy for my swing.  Fred K mentioned PXI and KBS T90, anybody have insight to the main differences there or even PX Rifle Flighted?

    It's only been one hitting session so hopefully I'll groove into these shafts and won't have to shell out the dough to reshaft...


    Thanks TT!

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