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Help with picking a shaft

Curtis M

In January after the 714's are released I will be getting fitted for everything in my bag.  But for right now I am purchasing driver, 3, and a 5 and was curious on any opinions for the shaft I should get till I am actually fitted.  My driver now is an old 907D2 with diamana blue S shaft, I think.   I have a pretty high ball flight, play a decent draw, and swing speed is around 90.   In Jan I will most likely be chaging shafts again (depending on what fitter says), but just curious on some others thoughts for now.  Thanks!

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  1. Joshua L

    The stock options are a very good place to start. Save your money on exotic/upcharge shafts until you've been properly fitted.

  2. Connor I.

    Hey Curtis, I am assuming you are buying 913 woods. I like the feel of the Diamana S + Blue 62 shaft in the D2, you could also take a look at the Diamana D + White 72 it has a lower launch and 3.3° torque. Good luck!



  3. Mike C

    If you are going to be purchasing new woods and are unsure of what shaft to get, I would definitely go in for a professional fitting before making the purchase.  The shaft is probably the most important part of the club to get fit to your specific swing.  In my opinion, it is better to get fit now and have the correct setup as opposed to trying to change it later (and it will be much less expensive than replacing the shaft later if your fitting determines a different shaft is more appropriate).  Get this dialed in now and you will only have to worry about getting it for the 914 irons when they come available in the fall.

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