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Titleist 910

Stephen S

Team Titleist,

I recently purchased three 910 hybrids (19*,21*,24*) one new from G-smith, one from 3ball (like new) and one off of E-Bay. They are configured w/the Bassara 60-R shaft. My issue is that I thought I saw that the spec swing wt for the 910h was at D3 (w/ stock shaft) and all three of these hybrids weigh out at D1....lighter that I prefer and lighter than spec. I know that Titleist techs know that decreasing the shaft weight also decreases the swing wt. I'm disapointed that the clubs w/Bassara shaft doesn't come w/ a 9 or 12 gram weight to get these clubs closer to D3 swing weight rather that the customer having to buy new weights to achieve a closer to spec 910h.

Can I still find three 9 or 12 gram weights for my 910h's and what should I expect to pay? Are weights sold separate or do I have to buy three Sure Fit weight kits?

Steve S.

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