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Wanting to lower spin on tee shots

Fred C

I feel I need to lower the spin rate on my tee shots, but really don't want to have to make so much of a swing change t do it. Given that, how should I proceed? Should I add or reduce loft? Change shafts?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Lower loft in general will lower spin

  2. ToddL

    Freddie - the shaft on the club also makes a big difference on spin as well as the club head.

    Something I did before I got my 913, was to go to a Titleist fitter and go onto the machine that measures the ball flight data.  I used the Titleist fitting system and experimented with a number of shaft and head combinations.  After about an hour, I honed in on one combo that worked best for me.  

    Well worth it to see the stats on your swing.

  3. Fred C

    Thanks Todd - where does find the fitting center in Dallas/Ft Worth?

  4. Fred C

    Just found that Jim McClean golf center has the launch monitors. Thanks y'all


  5. Quintin H

    Depends on what spin you want to lower

    Backspin that fights gravity and helps maximize distance, lower loft to lower backspin.

    Side spin, that which keeps your ball from flying straight, higher loft will help.

  6. Wade C

    I laughed when I read the post. " I want to lower spin, but I don't want to change my swing to do it".  I'm not knocking you, but the FIRST thing you want to do is get on a luanch monitor with a clubfitter / PGA Professional and determine what is going on.  A large majority of spin is the result of clubface angle at impact, as well as Angle of Attack (hitting up or down on the ball), as well as club path (over the top / inside out).  If you are steep and over the top with a driver AND you want to reduce spin, get ready for a LONG series of lessons. 

  7. Christian G

    There are SO many shaft options you can choose from.  When you see a Titleist fitter, I guarantee you'll find one shaft that gives you the spin and launch angle you need.  It's just going to take some testing to find that shaft with the right combination.  

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