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Softstepping Graphite wood shaft possible at Titleist ?

Kai C

Hello all!

I do have question regarding softstepping a Graphite wood shaft, is this possible at Titleist (custom order) ?  My favorite shaft (Diamana Blue S+ 82 is unfortunatly not available in R-flex but in S-flex or X-flex only). Anyone experience with it ?

Kind regards,


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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Kai,  Soft stepping a shaft is using the longer shaft (ie 3 iron vs 4 iron) and putting it in the head.  On driver wood shafts, they are all the same length.  We cannot make a stiff any softer.  It has a specific parallel length, mid section and butt section.  Since we do not tip that shaft in our standard installation, it is as soft as it is going to get.  We do carry the S+72 in a regular flex.  If you are talking about the S+ 82 hybrid shaft,  we have that in a regular flex. 

  2. Kai C

    Thanks ! I already ordered my 3 wood.

    Kind regards,

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